Contractors FAQ


Q:  Where will my delivery be coming from?
A:  Most large loads will be dispatched from our Allensville location. We keep the bulk of the inventory there as well as the larger trucks and use that facility to more readily dispatch large quantities of material.
Q:  Do you deliver on Saturday?
A:  Our drivers are scheduled Monday through Friday. Please contact our dispatching department if special arrangements are necessary. Fees may apply.
Q:  Do you deliver cement blocks?
A:  Yes. We typically deliver skids of cement blocks with our boom-truck from the Allensville location. We can deliver less than pallet quantities from the stores with special arrangements. A deposit is required on all cement block pallets, fully refundable upon their return.
Q:  What type of materials do you sell at APM?
A:  Everything from the footer drain to the ridge cap and nearly everything in between. We stock a good selection of product and custom order the custom things according to customer specifications. We maintain good relations with our vendors allowing them to service our special order needs in only a few days. Cut off times/days are set to assure prompt delivery as promised. These vary between vendors.
Q:  Why do you stock Fabral steel?
A:  Fabral is the leader in the metal roofing industry with printed documentation that supports their warranty and product specification claims. Most of the competition that Fabral sees cannot make that claim and leave important questions unanswered. Fabral has an extensive line of stock fittings as well as custom fitting capabilities. Exposed edges of the trims are all hemmed, and available in their full color spectrum of 20 colors.
Q:  What products are available from APM’s Manufacturing department?
A:  APM manufactures wood open web floor trusses, wall panels, and roof trusses, customized to your building specs. APM has a design group that estimates and designs products for your approval. Engineered products such as floor and roof trusses will bear the seal of a registered engineer.
Q:  How much notice do you need to deliver materials to my job site?
A:  We appreciate a full days notice or more to allow us to accurately schedule and ship the materials that we stock to your site. With special order materials, this changes base on their delivery schedule.