Lonely Does Day!!!!

A Doe and her fawn lying in the meadow.


While Hunting Season is quickly approaching most men and even some women are getting ready for their adventures in the woods…..some wives and girlfriends are thinking to themselves what are we going to do?.. APM has an answer!!! Come join us on Tuesday November 28th,2017. We are having a Lonely Does Day for those not in the woods. We will have FREE Donuts and Coffee from 9am-11am! FREE  Hot Dogs and Soda from 11am-1pm! We will also be having fishbowl specials that you could get anywhere from 5% to 50% off your purchase at checkout. Door Prizes will also be given away!!!! Plus special promotions!! So if you need something to get you out of the lonely house come to our Lonely Does Day!!! Bring the kiddos and anyone else you want to bring!! Men Can Even Come Too!! All are welcome to come!!  Mention our posts when you come in the store get a $1 off your order also!