Wall Panels


Wall Panels


The old adage that “Time is Money” was never truer than when it comes to the use of pre-fabricated wall panels. Whether you are building a multi-family development or looking for a way to build more single-family homes faster, wall panels are the solution. ….increase production without 
increasing your framing cost.

Benefits of using Pre-Fabricated Wall Panels from Allensville Planing Mill:

  • Pre-Fabricated wall panels accelerate the building process. 
They allow a framing crew to have complete buildings up and under roof in a fraction of the time it takes with conventional framing.
  • With the increasingly difficult task of finding experienced framers, wall panels offer a solution. All the design and calculations are done with custom computer software, permitting workers with minimal experience to frame even the most difficult houses with ease!
  • Less job site waste – Panels are built at our plant and shipped directly to the job site reducing job site waste.
  • Designed To Builder’s Preference
  • Every Job is customized so the framing matches what the builder is accustomed to.
  • Wall panels from Allensville Planing Mill are shipped with clearly marked numbers so every wall is easily identified.
  • A computer-generated floor plan with every panel labeled, is shipped with the walls. Allowing the building to go together like a puzzle.


When You Buy APM Wall Panels You Get….

  • Quality
  • A knowledgeable, friendly staff
  • Commitment to customer Satisfaction
  • Timely Delivery
  • A design and review process to prevent any mistakes
  • Competitive pricing